We’re Hiring!

Posted by on Jul 3, 2018 in We're Hiring!

Position Available:  Sales Associate 

Kelly’s Closet is looking for our newest Closeter!

That’s what we like to call ourselves over here. We’re the Closeters. It’s time to hire another one for our little posse, because the super busy bridal season is right around the corner.  We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic about joining our fun community.  We’re looking for just the right fit.

How do you know if you’re exactly who we’re looking for here at Kelly’s Closet?

Above all else, you have to embrace the whole Kelly’s Closet vibe.  You have to get our “thing.”  We have a certain energy, a specific language, a unique way of doing things.  Although we’re very much a successful small business that sells the most beautifully designed and well-crafted wedding gowns you can find, we do it with our own special flair. This is not your typical retail gig. Kelly’s Closet is a reflection of Kelly’s personality. Her background in non-profit work and long history as a camp counselor are part of the deal. The environment is eccentric, dynamic, and fun. If you get what we do, then it’s a very fun, silly, and playful pace to work. We don’t just sell wedding gowns. We give out hugs, we make people feel good, we provide friend to friend counseling, and we always, always, always keep our perspective.

You just might be the perfect fit for this job if:

  • You read our rules (http://www.kellyscloset.net/about-us/the-rules-2/) and you like ‘em.
  • You don’t just like ‘em. You love ‘em.
  • They make you laugh out loud (but you know darn well how essential they are).
  • You think you might be into enforcing them.

What you’ll do and how you’ll do it:

  • You’ll work 3-4 days a week, with your days off falling during the week. Saturdays and Sundays are a must. If that’s a deal breaker for you, read no further.
  • You’ll work closely with Kelly to spread the word about The Closet. This means attending networking events, putting the word out on social media, and enthusiastically embracing your role as Closet ambassador. You get the Closet, you love the Closet, and you happily become a member of our tribe. You speak our language, and you preach it to the people.
  • Day to day, you’ll work out on the floor and sell beautiful dresses to our awesome brides. This is the heart of what we do over here. You’ll excel in the inter-personal arena. You’ll be able to hold the physical as well as emotional space during appointments with grace, professionalism, warmth, and authority.
  • You will manage your individual clients, from beginning to end, taking them through the purchasing process, ordering of their gown, and overseeing their experience in alterations. You are their personal point person here at the closet.
  • You’ll help organize the store, keeping it tidy and pretty and fluffy and fun, keeping things well displayed and well care for.
  • You’ll be willing to go the extra mile, for the closet, for Kelly, because you believe in the why and the what and the how around The Closet. It’s important, this space and what it represents.  Kelly wants people who here get that, understand that, and want to take ownership of its success.

If you’re still reading, you’ve figured out we’re looking for someone really special. We aren’t going to lie: we’re being a bit picky. You see, this is one heck of a special thing we’ve got going over here, and it’s going to take just the right person to work in our mix. We need someone adaptable. We need that special someone who can easily read a situation, environment, or mood and knows how to find their place. The Closet changes with and for each and every bride, so building bridges has to be your thing. It has to be second nature to you. You’re the type who finds points of intersection and wants to relate to others. You like making connections with everyone you meet. You’re in your element out on the floor with the brides, creating, relating, and playing. But you’re equally at ease in the back office, doing the more workish type of worky-work. You have a strong work ethic and an eye for detail. You can manage spreadsheets, track inventory, and place orders. You’re a flexible, creative, fun person who’s also all about getting down to business. You’re a self-initiating go-getter with a natural smile and an easy laugh.

Gosh, we can’t wait to meet you. You sound perfect!


Please send along your resume, plus some writing and thoughts and anything else you think Kelly should ponder, to her directly at Closetresumes@gmail.com.