Supporting your bride

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in Closet Clips : Blogging from BrideLand

We all know what an honor it is to be a part of a bride’s big decision when it comes to gown shopping.  Whether you’re Mom, Uncle Harry, or one of 17 champagne-happy bridesmaids chosen to come along for the ride, here are a few fun tips that will make her day o’ gown hunting extra special:

– Make it all about HER! At the end of the day, what matters most is that the bride feels GORGEOUS and CONFIDENT in her gown.  If you can tell she loves it, you better LOVE it too!!  She’ll feel even more awesome knowing that she has the support of her entourage.

– Don’t make her try things that she doesn’t want to try.  There’s no point in putting her in something that she doesn’t feel good in — it’s not good for morale!  Ladies, remember:  if you haven’t had your Big Day yet, you will.  This is her time in the spotlight!

– Bring champagne.  This serves multiple purposes:  it calms everyone’s nerves AND invokes a sense of celebration and happiness.  Make sure it’s white (red wine + fancy white gowns do NOT get along), and bring some for your consultant.  Just kidding!  Kind of…..

– Never, EVER, under any circumstance, EVERRRR use the word “fat.”  We know this is covered in Kelly’s Rules, but we are oh-so-serious about this one.  No pointing out imaginary flaws on a bride, no saying “that’s not flattering,” no crinkled noses (aka ‘stink faces’).  Not allowed.  We aren’t above putting someone in timeout for breaking this one.  And we will take your champagne for ourselves.

All of this being said, we welcome entourages and groups to the Closet.  Just remember: it’s all about supporting your special lady!  Can’t wait to see everyone soon 🙂