May 2020 New Protocols

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Keeping us Happy and Healthy

We are still the same ole Closet, but with some brand new rules and guidelines. We consider our brides family- and we want to keep our family safe and healthy. We are listening to the experts and doing our part to cultivate a healthy space for our brides, community, and loved ones. 


Masks will be required for all brides and stylists. If you forget, don’t fret, we will have a small stockpile of single use masks as well as some cute designer masks for purchase. Our stylists will also be wearing gloves, which will be changed after each appointment. 


When you arrive at the boutique, shoot us a text! We will let you in when your station is ready- we are cleaning and steaming between brides to keep our shop as sanitary as possible. So if we are a couple minutes behind, take a moment to breathe, facetime your pals, or make some final edits to your pinterest. When we are ready for you, we kindly ask that you wash/sanitize your hands before we begin. 

The Appointment 

We will begin as we always do- getting to know you. Consider your stylist your bridal bestie, we are here to lift you up and play dress up. Literally, the best job in the world. We want to know everything about the big day and how you want to feel in your gown. From there, we will walk the store together- we can’t wait for you to feel these fabrics, but for now, our stylists will be doing all the touching and pulling before you try on. 


At this time, we are not allowing guests. But please know, we can’t wait to have your people with you, and there will be plenty of opportunities when your gown arrives or during alterations. We are also happy to have them Zoom/Facetime in so we can have them in the shop virtually. If you find your gown during a one-on-one and you want something a little more IRL- let your consultant know. We are cooking up a cool plan for your peeps to see you at the end of your appointment- from a distance of course. 


48 hours before your appointment, you will receive a health survey along with your confirmation. *You must complete the health survey and be without a fever/cough/runny nose before your appointment.* 

 We can’t express deeply enough how much we care about your health, the health of our staff, and our community. We will be cleaning between appointments, beginning/end of day, dressing room surfaces, clips, zippers, hangers, and steaming gowns to keep everything sanitary. We wish we could share a glass of champagne with you during the appointment, but for now we are no longer providing champs and require that you keep food and drink out of the store. 


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