A note from Kelly: Finding the right dress

I always tell my brides that finding the right dress is primarily about relaxing, having fun, and TRUSTING yourself. For many women, this experience is very communal: family, friends, even the fiancée sometimes. I love the communities. I love all the love and energy surrounding the woman during this special time. I especially love to watch the bride take this in, soak in it. This is your special time, ENJOY it! Be present. All of this makes my job juicy, and ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved the juicy parts of life. The times when you really get into what life is all about: loving ourselves and others, trusting the process, and being present for all the good stuff.

I have the absolute best job in the world. I get to facilitate and witness a beautiful time in a woman’s life. I am eternally grateful that so many of you have let me bear witness and just simply enjoy this with you. Our wedding is a rare ritualized day in our adult lives. It is a time when a couple should express their innermost selves. I love witnessing woman do this, some do it subtlety, some do it loudly, but they all manage to say something beautiful. It looks different for every woman. I have seen all kinds of ceremonies, in all kinds of places. They are all beautiful to me. Thank you to all of you for sharing yourselves with me and trusting me enough to bring me into your life. I am a better person for all your grace. Blessing to all of you.


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