I live for the AH-HA moments, when things just line up. I bought this store in one of those moments. I woke up one morning, and over a bowl of cereal told my husband I was going to open a store right here, on this block. (Never worked in a store or wanted to own one before, but this day was different) I think the day before my plan had been something close to moving to Italy to pick oranges. Two hours later, I received a message from Robyn and Christina who wanted me to buy their store. So, that is it. An AH-HA moment. You don’t question them, you just do as they say. You don’t argue with it or tell it that it isn’t what you expected. You Pay Attention!

So, here I am. Figuring it out as I go along. The store is a reflection of me. It has lots of personality, lots to say. It isn’t boring, but maybe a little chaotic. You will either love it or you won’t, but either way, you will know a little bit about me, of my soul, what I’m about. I invite you to come in and give it a try.

You feel different when you are wearing something special, clothing that carries energy. My clothes are special, and they communicate with you. They won’t change your life, but they will change your day. I hesitate to define my style, because like anything creative, it is always changing. I think the bottom line for me is that it is creative, and beautiful, and feminine. That is where I start from.

I believe that personal style is all about creative expression. Women are creative beings, and we LOVE to communicate. That is where the passion for clothes comes from: a desire, no a need, to communicate who we are to the world. I love to facilitate this process for women. Again, style is not a size or an age, it is an energy, a confidence, a playfulness, a willingness to explore a little. We all had it as young girls, but somewhere along the way we forget to have fun with our bodies. Size and age become the ruling factors for how we perceive ourselves. I’m all about breaking this down.

So please, come in and say hi. We can play dress-up if you are up for it.