A male perspective…

Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Reviews

Maybe it’s a little weird for a guy to write a review of a wedding dress boutique? Well, no matter, because I have an opinion on the place, regardless, and hey, I’m gay, so that practically means you are dying to hear my take on the dresses, right?

Well, let me start by saying this: I have never been wedding dress shopping before my friend brought me along to find her the perfect dress. I have heard that it can be fun, and I was hoping that our experience would be good. When we walked into the shop, we were greeted by Kelly herself, and instantly, she was friendly, and amazingly personable for someone who didn’t know us at all.

She gave us a quick rundown of how the shop was organized, and told us some tidbits about the dresses (like that some things could be changed on some of them if we didn’t like them), and then did something impressive; she backed off, and let us just browse the shop. While we walked through the shop and browsed the dresses, we made jokes about some of the styles, and I honestly was worried about Kelly overhearing, but she had witty quips of her own to add; she was so friendly, and amazing, that the experience started off, and went well throughout.

My friend tried on several dresses, and because I am male, I waited in the main area while she was changing, and the other shop/wedding dress fitter (?) was talkative and very nice. We talked about the dresses, and everything was wonderful.

The absolute best, most standout part of the experience, and one that I am sure Kelly is known for, and keeps the busniess RUNNING her way, was how she was not fixated on the price of the dresses; she wanted my friend to find the dress she wanted, in the price range she was looking for. Kelly didn’t pressure her into anything; she wasn’t throwing clothes over the dressing room door, in the way that they can do at many clothing stores, and was instead, very attentive to my friend’s needs. I was majorly impressed by her business style, and I can tell you, that if I was a woman, and in need of a wedding dress, I would want to get it here.

This place is a gem of a shop, located in the cute little strip in Candler Park. If you are in need of a dress for a wedding, you should definitely check this place, because the worst thing that could happen, is that you have a great experience looking at dresses. HIGHLY recommended.


Duane M.